Delegate Testimonials

“An incredible course trainer, who brought us together as a team to understand & accept our character traits, how they may affect those around us & how to engage with others. I came away utterly exhausted but excited & inspired.”

Sip Club

“Brilliant material, excellent presentation. Made me want to learn! Excellent Speaker.”

Chris Hodson, Nuvia

“Tom's presentation style was great - genuinely one of the most engaging presenters I have come across. I will take away a lot.”

Kate Williams, TLT Solicitors

“Jude has been amazing. Kept us engages and made the course fun and informative.”

Laura Dooley from Julian Wadden

“Craig was brilliant. He put into practice everything he taught us throughout the day. Great content, well-delivered and not a dry, dull part in the entire day! ”

James Perry, DWF

“The Salon Management Development programme you delivered for our team was excellent. Tom was absolutely brilliant and made our time together a thoroughly enjoyable one!”

Stuart Kirkham, Terence Paul

“Jude was very personable, definitely on our wavelength. Great trainer, would highly recommend.”

Joanne Wild from Edmund Bell

“Excellent content, presentation style - personalised to each of us. Everyone felt comfortable to contribute. One of the best courses I have attended. It's clear that Tom has a lot of experience and he was able to bring the theory to life which made it very enjoyable.”

Sian Davies, TLT Solicitors

“Tom was superb. The course content was well measured and there was a great level of engagement with the audience.”

Rob Fallows, DAC Beachcroft

“Tess is one of the best trainers I have come across and I would welcome attending further courses with her.”

Jane Murrell from Lima Networks

“Everything, very well structured & delivered. Tutor probably made the course twice as enjoyable”

Michael Callan from GMFRS

“Tess was fabulous. She explained everything well and gave us all chance to have our own input. Gave us ideas we can work on.”

Danielle Cullinane from Easidrive

“Brilliant speaker, Tom clearly knows his subject and was able to engage all of us. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious.”

Dan Read. TLT Solicitors

“Andrew knows this subject inside out, I would recommend him to any organisation.”

Claire Seddon from Lakeland Limited

“Tom is a very charismatic presenter who engages his audience excellently.”

Matthew Brady, DAC Beachcroft

“Extremely impressed with Jude. Easily the best course & trainer I have attended. Kept me engaged throughout the 2 days (something I was worried about maintaining).”

Asif Timol, Momentum Legal

“This subject was new to me in many ways and yet was put in a very understandable way.”

John Bintliff from GMFRS

“Tess knows her subject and puts it over well. She includes the whole group in all discussions.”

Helen Farrington from GMFRS

“This has been the best course I have attended in nearly 17 years service. Fabulous stuff. Thank you.”

Stephen Wilcox from GMFRS

“The style, delivery and knowledge of all of the trainers was excellent and content highly relevant.”

Sarah Scott from Electricity North West

“I found the practical sessions particularly useful, especially in terms of implementing the techniques back in the workplace. ”

James Gordon from GMG

“Ruth grabs your attention and makes everything fun and interesting.”

Mona Mahavi from Dorma

“The range of activities sucessfully illustrated some of the potential pitfalls and highlighted best practice in dealing with them.”

Vincent Dwyer from Electricity North West

“I enjoyed every element of this course particulary feedback and learning from others. Superb knowledge, delivery and coaching of the subject.”

Mick Barrett from GMFRS

“Tom made the day enjoyable, relevant, easy to understand & participate.”

Gayle Orton-Ashill from Lakeland

“This course was totally tailored to my role as a store manager and has already given me greater confidence to move forward and bring the teams with me. ”

Jane Dickinson from Lakeland

“Tess is an excellent presenter extracting maximum benefit from the course as it exists.”

Steve Battersby from Illingworth

“Tess was excellent, very knowledgeable, very passionate, very professional.”

Dave Campbell from GMFRS

“The course met my training requirements and helped my confidence in tackling performance issues.”

Andrew Coley from Electricity North West

“What I enjoyed most about this workshop was the group discussions, the relevance and working as a team and listening to others.”

Allen Rawcliffe

“I feel more confident within myself now, which has motivated me to improve my skills.”

Sam Taylor-Smith from Electricity North West

“The training has significantly my confidence levels.”

John Wheeldon from GMFRS

“The content and delivery of the training was very good. Enthusiastic delivery that put everyone at ease.”

Margaret Edwards from Electricity North West

“It's obvious Tom is very experienced and shared lots of examples that he has encountered through his career and always wanted to hear our experiences.”

Hannah Senior from DAC Beachcroft

“Real practical help. Lots of information which can be used to improve interviewing skills.”

Marian Morrison from Lakeland

“Tom is fantastic at explaining behavioural profiles, he even recognised the different profiles in our group.”

Jill Hendry from Electricity North West

“Tom was easily able to draw the group in and spark a discussion, which got everybody involved and kept things interesting.”

Greg Davies from Electricity North West

“Great group atmosphere - loved the small group activities to really practice what we had learnt. Thoroughly enjoyable programme! ”

Carol Ho from Park Cakes

“Excellent material, very relevant, excellent trainer - Ruth was great!”

Lucie Panico from Dorma

“Very enjoyable from start to finish”

Caroline Flemming from Dorma

“Tess drives the course with great enthusiasum which is engaging and very productive for candidates”

Karl Stott from GMFRS

“Superb - best training I've ever had!”

David Price from GMFRS

“Fantastic course. Invaluable to my role. Really enjoyable with excellent tuition from Tom.”

Steven Bullock from GMFRS

“Perfect - right amount of content over the 2 days. Absolutely relevant to how i should be training. Excellent trainer”

Stephen Lloyd from GMFRS

“This is the best training I have received in 24 years, I felt challenged by the course, really enjoyed it, wish it had been a bit longer”

Steve Gudmunsen from GMFRS

“One of the best courses I have been on in last 10 years - due to quality of instruction: Inspirational!”

Russell Carr from GMFRS

“The discussions were excellent and the information was very useful. Very positive, engaging delivery style too!”

Leila Shahidi from Easidrive

“All absolutely relevant to all of us as individuals and we were all encouraged to join in so the group dynamic was great!”

Lisa Senior from Park Cakes

“The course was very interesting and the trainer was excellent. Explained all in detail and was very easy to talk to. Did not feel daft asking questions I did not ”

Caroline Heany from Easidrive

“Excellent pace and knowledge of trainer. Good experience. Time out to look at self and how others see me.”

Janet Marshall from Park Cakes

“Ruth was an inspiration to all of us. I think she made this course very enjoyable”

Frances Smith from Dorma

“Style or course and trainer could not have been any better. Use of Success Insights behavioural tool was extremely beneficial. Coaching models and practical advice.”

Jill Johnston from GMG

“Great presentation style. Clearly demonstrated in-depth knowledge of topic which was what we needed, with just enough group work. ”

Kirsten Porter from Illingworth

“Excellent tutor, really knowledgeable. Good atmosphere throughout and all content relevant to workplace & role.”

Richard Peatfield from Lakeland

“All aspects of the course were informative and enjoyable ”

Tom Goodwin from Alternative Futures

“Trainer is fantastic, she has encouraged active discussion to encourage learning. Coaching can be used throughout my role”

Stephanie Walters from GMFRS

“Relevant to my job role. And tailored to the Lakeland culture.”

Lucy Thorpe from Lakeland

“Tess's presentation was excellent, pitched well & held my interest all day”

Claire Close from Illingworth

“The 2 days have been very interesting & helpful, opened my eyes up to a lot of things and given me a much better understanding of the bigger picture & approach to customer service!!”

Sara Harwood from Horatio Myers

“Jude was fab, very engaging and insightful. No faults!”

Vicky Cooper from Harwood Golf Club

“The practical exercises were really fun but useful at the same time...fab trainer!”

Emma Neville from Dorma

“Kept my attention, wasn't just talked at was able to get involved. Good group involvement.”

Michelle Graham from Easidrive

“Good range of activities kept the day active & facilitated conversations we may not have been comfortable to have”

Jan Kenworth from Illingworth

“Really enjoyed it. I feel like I have a whole new team.”

Jasmin O'Hara from DAC

“Tess is a brilliant instructor who has a thorough in-depth knowledge of the subject!”

James Mawdsley from GMFRS

“Success Insights results were excellent. Very impressed with how accurate it was and its many uses back in the workplace.”

Gill Beton from Illingworth

“Really enjoyed this course and learnt a lot about me and how to recognise others strengths. Thanks Tess!!”

Amelia Offord from Horatio Myers

“Tom is a superb trainer. Facilitated the best breakout sessions I have ever been involved with.”

Adam Bromley from Forbes Solicitors

“Tom was engaging, informative, knowledgeable, professional. It was a very enjoyable course!”

Raj Randhawa from Dorma

“Group participation was 100% from all attendees because of an encouraging, enthusiastic Trainer. Great to see top level support too.”

Stefany Ward from Doodson

“The course contained extremely useful techniques and ideas but did not feel arduous. Keeping the theory sessions top-line and mixing in role plays and practice made the course both interesting and enjoyable. As a result the ideas will stick at the forefront of my mind for a long time. I loved this course and how it was structured.”

James McNamara from Craghoppers

“I enjoyed both Tess and Toms delivery style throughout the programme. Its the most enjoyable course I've ever been on.”

Tracey Sanderson from Easidrive

“It was a calming environment, the trainer made it informative for everyone. Everyone was involved and encouraged the group to work together. ”

Wendy Birch from Park Cakes