Are you are a small or large organisation who provide qualifications and training programmes to your staff, or if you would like to do so but just don’t have the time and capacity? 

eCademy enables you to improve every aspect of the delivery, management and support of any qualification or structured training programme. It allows you to transform them through the use of blended learning and comes with over 500 e-learning courses to supplement and enhance your quality tutor time.

Click here to view our suite of 500+ online courses
View our suite of
500+ online courses

Our web-based blended learning solution enables you to:

  • Increase internal training capacity and reach
  • Enhance your provision of qualifications and personal development programmes
  • Reduce training delivery costs
  • Offer flexible programmes
  • Easily create a blended learning programme

It is quick-start. Learner groups or cohorts can typically be active on the platform in two to three hours. The key principle is that it enables you to easily mould, manipulate and craft your qualifications and training programmes. eCademy provides exactly what your learners need - flexibility.