E-learning allows you to learn anywhere and usually at any time, as long as you have access to a computer. It can include text, video, audio, animation and virtual environments and is a great way to provide a self-paced, hands-on learning experience for individuals.

We understand that as an Employer, you may want to be able to provide comprehensive development opportunities for your staff.

Today, the demand for short courses is changing to either "bite-sized sessions" or to longer, "more meaningful" experiences, resulting in formal qualifications. As an Employer, you can respond to these demands by offering "flexible learning". This means you can reduce costs, increase your qualification and development programmes and potentially take on more learners. Given that your workforce may also have diverse learning requirements, you can offer the learner a programme tailored to their individual needs, in a cost-effective/time-effective manner with our e-learning platform: eCademy.

eCademy is a web-based blended e-learning solution that improves every aspect of the delivery, management and support of any structured training programme or accredited qualification.

It comes with over 550 e-learning courses that when combined with traditional training and the system’s collaboration, support and workflow processes creates a true blended learning experience.